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Technologie Stiftung exploring the future of education

What a great day it was at Technologiestiftung Berlin! đŸš€đŸ’«

Rona had the pleasure to facilitate an intense workshop around the #futureofeducation with various stakeholders.TechStifting brought together people from #schools, #businesses, #startups and the #educationsector in general to work together and discuss #challenges and #solutions - a lot of great ideas and learnings.

The work in the education sector can often be discouraging - getting together with people that all want to implement change is so empowering. Having people from very different backgrounds sitting together was challenging, but so rewarding. We need this diversity and cross-sectoral collaboration to generate understanding and move away from own biases to find sustainable solutions! Next time we need to bring together even more stakeholders. We are very excited to see where the kick off of this great project will lead.

We made the solutions tangible - this is what some of them looked like.

Great team - the final panel discussion was sketched life - this was the outcome:

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