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Meet Rona van der Zander

Rona van der Zander is the founder of GrowbeYOUnd and passionate about making change the education system - to get (young) people ready for the future. 


Rona holds a BBA degree in International Business from IPAG Business School in France and Nottingham Trent University in the UK and a Master degree in International Politics from Humboldt University in Berlin and University of Bath in the UK. 

She worked in the education sector in 8 different countries across the globe and founded GrowbeYOUnd in 2018 to make the change needed in the eduction system - more digital skills, better communication and collaboration skills. 

Rona van der Zander
Founder GrowbeYOund,


Watch Rona speak about her vision of higher education at the Digi Edu Hack: 

Screenshot 2021-06-25 at 15.00.37.png

Ursula Wynhoven

International Human Rights Lawyer, 

 ITU representative to the United Nations

I've been so impressed by Rona's passion, dedication and commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals.  I've had the pleasure to work with her and have also followed with great interest the development of her promising initiative GrowbeYOUnd, seeking to improve access to quality education, decent work and address inequalities.  Rona is an inspiration to me and many others.  I wish her every success in her efforts to empower and create opportunities for other young people.


Dr. Ehsan Sabet, 

Senior Lecturer at Wolfson School of Engineering at Loughborough University

Having experience in the education, as well as the engineering sector, I see the urgent need to support young talents and promote inter-cultural understanding. To find solutions to the pressing environmental and technological issues we need to start bridging global differences more. Growbeyound represents exactly this generation of global change makers.

Dr. Tabani Ndlovu

Educationist, Company Director, Business Strategist & Consultant

Having worked in higher education for over a decade, I understand the immense challenges faced by students during their transition from university into the work force.  While it is more and more important for businesses to become more competitive through attracting top talent to drive innovation, matching young people to appropriate businesses remains a maze that young people have to navigate through. I believe that Growbeyound can bring both parties together and I am confident that the company’s mentoring services will inspire students, propelling them into various entrepreneurial pursuits to help them find their international career destinies.

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