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Work with innovative methods such as Design Thinking for Life Design? 

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Project examples

Future of Work
Workshop Series

An interactive (online) workshop series, that looks at the future of work - how are jobs changing? What skills are needed? How can we get prepared now? From new digital tools, to communication, collaboration & creativity.

'Super insightful.'

Lisa May, HWR Berlin

Design Your Life
Workshop Series

How can we design a life we love? In times of rapid change, we will change jobs & professions several times in a lifetime.  It is important that we understand our strengths lay and what is important to us to design a life we love. 

'It helped me so much - and was so fun. 

Jeannette L'Arc, IPAG

Professional Development Course

From CVs, to cover letters, social media, interview skills, salary negotiations and personal branding - there is a lot to take into consideration when entering the workforce - in this course we finally talk about it. 

Never talked enough about this in Uni. 

Michael Stark, Humboldt University

Re-designing education

We live in times of rapid change and our education system & unis have to adapt. But where to start? An interactive workshop to explore ideas & come up with tangible ideas that we can put into practice NOW. 

'Super insightful.'

Lisa May, HWR Berlin

Future of Work

Inspiring and thought provoking keynote on the future of education. What will the future look like and how can we all get prepared now? Tangible and concrete steps, we all can take to get ready for the future. 

Rona made our event a huge success.

Roslyn Tailor, Australia

Professional Development Keynotes

Personal branding? 

Learning skills?

International careers? 

Remote working? 

There are a lot of topics we all have to start thinking about. 

Let's take a look together at the future.


Rona is THE expert, you want on your team!

Iwona Ivanov, IPAG Business School



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Nottingham Trent University

Rona's workshop was very insightful and helped me a lot. The insights and tips she provided were very tangible and supported me in planning my career path.


Birmingham University

The work with Rona was invaluable. The showed me what different global options I could benefit from to face-track my career and resulted for me in working in Thailand.


United Nations

I've had the pleasure to work with Rona. She is an inspiration to me and many others.  I wish her every success in her efforts to empower and create opportunities for other young people.