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GrowbeYOUnd at MoBerries - the future of recruiting!

Rona had such a great morning on Friday with Terence, the co-founder of MoBerries, discussing the future of working and recruiting. MoBerries was founded to revolutionise the old-fashioned recruitment business. Applicants waste countless hours surfing job boards, writing CVs and cover letters. HR managers have to dig through endless stacks of applications. How can something so inefficient still exist today? Well, here comes MoBerries - no cover letters, simple and easy application and perfect matches for applicants and companies. The professional Tinder :)?

Interested to test this revolutionising tool? Check it out here with my personal invitation for you - totally free! Your first matches are only 30 seconds away!

At the MoBerries HQ in Berlin, with Co-Founder Terence.

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