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The dream to connect dreams globally

Hello to all discoverers and disrupters!

I’m Rona. 27 years old. Lived and worked in 8 countries. Travelled over 30 (see below). Worked in development projects in Cambodia and Myanmar, with the UN in NYC and Business Leaders in China and Australia.

Travelling and exploring new countries fundamentally transformed me, broadened my horizon and taught me to think out of the box. I learnt a lot about sustainable societies, global connectivity and met inspiring leaders. To bring all the talent, knowledge and different places together, I founded growbeyound.

Young people often ask me how to find jobs abroad, tackle the first steps and get established in a new environment. There are many things neither Google nor Twitter can tell you, but only experience can.

Growbeyound will bring many young leaders together and inform students, recent graduates and young professionals about the exciting opportunities and help to achieve global success quickly. Working internationally will expand your awareness, grow your understanding of diversity and help you to tackle issues with an unconventional and cross-sectoral approach.

Growbeyound is also working with businesses, offering inter- cultural training, inter- generational exchange and leadership development in a fast-paced international environment. With 50% of the world’s population under 30 we help companies to future-proof their productivity and address the skills crisis among young people by bringing young leaders and multi-nationals together. All our consultants are under 30 years old and represent the millennial cohort, which will grow to comprise 75% of the workforce!

We challenge your thinking, help you to engage with international trends, unlock new opportunities and create a fresh view on the diverse global economy.

Our aim is to connect young people globally, grow understanding amongst different sectors and people, create sustainable ideas and contribute to creating a more just world.

GrowbeYOund - Grow YOUrself, outgrow YOUrself and go beyond your limits.

Lets get to work.

Yours, Rona


At the United Nations HQ in New York City.


With awesome Kids and Pigs in Myanmar!

Workshopping with Chinese Students in a Chinese village.


Published on Global Experience in Australia.


With the cool kids in Vietnam!


With some future female leaders in Cambodia!

During a Sustainability Presentation in Australia.

Countries lived and worked: Germany, China, France, United Kingdom, Cambodia, Australia, Myanmar, United States (this means a consecutive stay of 3 months or longer in the same place, working)

Countries travelled: Vietnam, Laos, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Korea, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Morocco, Egypt, Spain, Greece, Italy, Czech Republic, Poland, Inner Mongolia, Canada, Tasmania, Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Austria, Thailand

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