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future (of work)
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We live in times of rapid change. The way we work, learn and communicate is fundamentally transformed 
- time to rethink our higher education system.

I support universities and educational institutions to better prepare (young)

people for the future.

Let's get ready to grow.  


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Interactive workshops  

for students, teachers, learners

Engaging online content

with innovative methods & new tools

Inspiring keynotes

to spark new thinking!

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What people say

“The classes Rona delivered at Humboldt University were very useful for me. She brings so much light, inspiration and motivation! Rona really lights up the class, makes you feel like everything is possible, that is a blessing that only few are able to bring out. Happy to have been there and see the possibilities by listening to her words and liveliness. She has an ability to install hope where one is lost.”

Irene Anderson – Master Student, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin


“Rona gave me a lot of confidence in regards to my career path during her talk at Nottingham Trent University. She gave all of us the feeling that everything is possible!

Rona did so many things at such a young age and it was kind of unbelievable but amazing at the same time. She provided tangible insights on how we can do the same. I also thank her for the tips she provided during the seminar! It was very useful.”

Chloe Ruard - Bachelor Student, Nottingham Trent University

“We have been collaborating with Rona at IPAG Business School for many years now, and every time she brings something new to the table. Rona stays always on top of all the personal development and hiring trends, and keeps students engaged with very interactive and hands-on sessions. She is a very dynamic speaker and her positive attitude helps to build excellent relationships with students very quickly. She is THE career expert that you would love to have in your team!“

Iwona Ivanov - Career Center & Corporate Relations Manager, IPAG Business School


It's really time to rethink our (higher) education system! The world of work is dramatically changing - and we are still preparing (young) people for the industrial age, not a digital future. We need creativity, communication and collaboration skills. 

Rona van der Zander -

Founder of GrowbeYOUnd

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