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For Businesses

Are you interested in the 'future of work' and want to future-proof your business?

Are you interested in new innovation methods? 

Do you want to future-proof your productivity and engage with millennials? 

Are you looking for global talent?

We got you covered!

We challenge your thinking, help you evolve your strategy with innovative strategies, engage with future trends & new learning innovations to unlock new opportunities.




strategic support & consultation

webinars, blogs

& podcasts





Nottingham Business School

While it is more and more important for businesses to become more competitive through attracting top talent to drive innovation, matching young people to appropriate businesses remains a maze that young people have to navigate through. I believe that Growbeyound can bring both parties together .


United Nations

I've had the pleasure to work with Rona. She is an inspiration to me and many others.  I wish her every success in her efforts to empower and create opportunities for other (young) people.


Loughborough University

Having experience in the education, as well as the engineering sector, I see the urgent need to support young talents and promote inter-cultural understanding. To find solutions to the pressing environmental and technological issues we need to start bridging global differences more. Growbeyound represents exactly this generation of global change makers.

For businesses, we provide a platform for new learning and innovation methods,

inter- cultural training, inter- generational exchange and "leadership development" in a fast-paced international environment.

We help companies to future-proof their productivity and address the skills crisis by bringing young leaders and companies together. 

Businesses have to become more competitive through talent and innovation. Our work has a positive effect on developing human capital and ensures growth and social inclusion.

GrowbeYOUnd is renown for its targeted workshops, inspirational coaching and engaging talks. 

Leveraging our strong global network enables us to connect individuals, ideas and companies globally.

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