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GBY at GEB (Gesellschaft für Europabildung)

Two weeks ago our founder Rona van der Zander met Gunther Ring and his great team at GEB (Gesellschaft für Europabildung - Society for European Education). GEB fosters exchange and mobility projects across the EU for young people that did apprenticeships and did not study at university. They believe that we are in urgent need of a united and peaceful Europe, which can only emerge if people have the chance to get to know each other and learn from and with each other.

Their projects are really great - especially (and also) because they offer opportunities besides the well-known Erasmus programme for university students. The well-known Erasmus is of course a wonderful project and enables thousands of students and academic staff every year to live and study/work in another European country. "Pro Move", which GEB offers, is not an additional programme, but actually another branch of the Erasmus+, that is not that well known.

Projects that also enable other young people that work and do apprenticeships need further support and publicity!

If you are a young person that is not studying at university, but interested in a European exchange - check them out and spread the word:

Gunther Ring (Managing Director, left), his team, Rona van der Zander (GrowbeYOUnd, middle).

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