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Global Careers Webinar with the University of Bath

In the beginning of March we conducted a webinar on 'Global Careers' with students of the University of Bath. The webinar was joined by Karim from Singapore and Rona from Berlin. Since the focus was on global careers, the webinar provided a comprehensive overview of different career options around the world. Rona, who worked in various countries with the United Nations and in the sphere of development work, business and sustainability, focused on these sectors in the Asian and Australian regions. Karim talked about start ups, fin-tech and finance in Europe and Asia. A special focus was also put on countries and cities that are usually not such much on our agenda.

The discussions revolved around what opportunities are where, how to find them, how to get them and what to pay attention to. Furthermore, it was discussed what key skills needed and what skills students can already acquire during university. Finally, the 'future of work' was touched up on - what trends and changes can we observe in the work force internationally, what changes do 'international job hunters' need to prepare for.

The feedback from the students was great:

"Thank you very much for your presentation! Your international experiences were definitely the most inspiring for me. Listening to a webinar from people who have actually experienced what they are talking about immediately bring students the credibility of the whole process. The structure/international coverage of the presentation was very well organized and divided."

"Thank you very much for the webinar. Personally, I loved participating in the Global Careers Webinar last week. I have never participated in a webinar before so, it was a very interesting experience for me. I found everything very useful; that I even took notes on what I learnt and I intend to utilise it while I am applying to internships this year for my placement year. Thank you so much for all your help, it was very useful."

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